The SDA Church on Immunization/Vaccination

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The immunization/Vaccination process nowadays is far different from what it was decades ago. Deadly chemicals are used such as mercury and aluminum. Ellen White said that drugs kill. We should use natural alternatives as far as possible. The incidence of autism in children is skyrocketing.

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*Mandatory Vaccines Are Coming and What Can Parents Do?

The following items are by Nick Petula:


Did SDA Church lie? Or are they just backing Carson for President?


"The Seventh-day Adventist Church places strong emphasis on health and well-being. The Adventist health emphasis is based on biblical revelation, the inspired writing of E.G. White (co-founder of the Church), and on peer-reviewed scientific literature. As such, we encourage responsible immunization/vaccination, and have no religious or faith-based reason not to encourage our adherents to responsibly participate in protective and preventive immunization programs. We value the health and safety of the population, which includes the maintenance of “herd immunity.” --That is what was actually stated on the SDA church's main website. They posted this on March 2, 2015, which was less than one month from when Ben Carson, who is in open sin while running for President of the USA, stated his very obvious pro-vaccination stance on camera because his fellow politicians, who passed laws years ago preventing doctors from being sued by children being maimed and killed by their vaccines, are making billions in profits by pushing vaccines on the public. By the way, all drug companies now have immunity from lawsuits after killing their patients. Since Carson is obviously planning or "exploring" a run for president, he needs to back his political friends. This means his beloved church will have to shore up his political statements as well. Which might be the reason they are now promoting toxic vaccines for our children. Or, could it simply mean they making money in SDA hospitals poisoning people with vaccines and so they have to twist SOP to get customers to buy the vaccines from them? What's truly sad is how the SDA church actually went so far as to use Ellen White's name in a context that boldly suggests she would approve of these now proven toxic and deadly vaccinations which historically speaking mimics how Hitler pushed his eugenics program in his day. And yes, I checked the SOP DVD and I did not find a single time where the words vaccine, vaccinate, or vaccination came up on that DVD! In short, the SDA church openly lied in writing. (again) (By the way, the word "vaccination" did come up ONE time via the "White Estate Compilers." Just so you know however, the "White Estate" is NOT Ellen White incarnate. It's a collection of SDA compilers. Ellen White has been dead since 1915. I only share that fact so as to lower the number of emails this article is sure to generate.)


California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated


"More than one year and four months have passed and the family has yet to receive his autopsy report. It turns out their son was given a vaccine not approved for his age and an extra dose of the hepatitis B vaccine that he shouldn’t have received until later on. This harrowing story is a reminder that vaccines can be lethal." --After vaccinating the child to death they cremated that defenseless baby to keep the lawsuit totals down. What a sick world this is when those that take a vow to help the sick do insane acts like this. And they do such things almost daily now! See this page for hundreds of articles and videos on the AMA. And no, I'm not saying all doctors are like this. But just as we see with the government controlled police force getting worse and worse each passing day, we now see more and more government controlled doctors doing as they're told to keep their jobs as well. It's insanity like this that has many hundreds of millions realize. WE ARE very near the end!