SDA Organization Going Through?

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From: Joel Laswell (Pastor of Historic Adventism)
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2001 11:15 AM
Subject: How many more nails does it take?

Dear friends:

I received a bit of news today and I thought all might find it interesting. It was not a surprise to me, and may not be one for you but for those who still believe the conference is "going through," it may help to "shake" you out of your slumber (if possible) and study your Bibles again. Is the structure moving closer or farther away from Romanism?

Most of you have heard of Dwight K. Nelson and that he has a new TV program sponsored by the SDA structure. He is the man who the denomination "chose" to do the Net '98 series. Here is an interesting remark he made recently on a live satellite broadcast:

Dwight K. Nelson said, "James Dobson, this man has done more than perhaps any other single individual in this nation to salvage and strengthen the American home." Quoting from a letter that Nelson received from James Dobson, Nelson read "We are allies in the struggle to defend the gospel in this day of apostasy and secular humanism." Dwight Nelson's response to this letter was, "Do you know it folks? The time has come, the time has come for us to join James Dobson, and Billy Graham, and Pope John Paul II. It's time for us to join the moral leadership of this planet. We need to join them!"

Can you believe it? I, sadly, can believe it. This is a program that is sponsored by the SDA denomination! Oh Lord, open their eyes before it is too late. To those who choose to keep their ears and eyes closed to what is going on in your beloved church, this is just another nail in the coffin. How many more nails does it take?

Dear saints... work now while you can. The omega is almost completed.

Courage in the Lord,

Pastor Joel Laswell
Eternal Gospel Fellowship (Teaching Historic Adventism)
Lafayette, Indiana USA

Postscript by Omega Countdown Ministries: The New Movement SDA Apostate Church has changed the target of the three angel's messages from Catholicism and its fallen daughters, to Secular Humanism and the New Age Movement. While these movements are part and parcel of the Synagogue of Satan, they do not negate the part the beast power and its daughters will play as taught by Historic, pioneer Adventists.