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Dear Reader, 

Here is some of the discussion concerning Leland Kaiser, the SDA spiritualist who is an Elder of a Colorado SDA church. For more detail on Kaiser, see this link:


Supposedly, certain irate members of the church have written to SDA leaders in an effort to get them to deal with Kaiser, but to no avail. Nothing stands in the way of the New Movement, 1SM 204-5.  It seems as though the shock of Kaiser’s spiritualism has worn off and that right quickly! Amazing how fast professing Christians adapt to apostasy in their ranks! It is amazing what one can believe and teach in the apostate New Movement church, as long as he/she does not mention separation from gross apostasy!


How quickly they forget that they are corporately responsible for this spiritualist Elder in their ranks! I guess God will just have to apologize to Israel for holding them corporately responsible for Achan’s sin!


Now, current SDA Internet discussion about the following article by Kaiser which appeared on his Website:


________wrote: I am copying and pasting this post from Kaiser's website because I would hate for this to disappear suddenly. It is not to long, but just unbelievable what he has written. Let me know what others on this forum think about this: (Article written by Kaiser)


"Purity And Corruption


All religions begin in purity and end-up being corrupted. The reason is simple – the founder of the religion was led by Spirit. Often, he or she taught by word of mouth. Nothing was written down. After the founder's passing, the disciples tried to remember what the founder said and began writing it down as well as they could remember it.


Different disciples remembered different things and remembered the same things in different ways.


Disciples typically did not enjoy the direct access to Spirit possessed by the founder. Their soul frequency was much lower. In addition, they were often ego driven and involved in power struggles.


Corruption of the teaching was inevitable. As you recall, during the life of Jesus the disciples were involved in power struggles. They often failed to understand his simplest teaching – like why he was on earth. The same thing has been true in all world religions.


The Gnostic solution is simple – go to the Source. God dwells within each of us. If our soul frequency is high enough, Spirit will teach us directly. This constitutes a much purer transmission. Of course, we will still distort the teaching according to our capacity to understand and our degree of ego domination. What we will discover, however, is quite amazing. The teaching of Spirit is not that much different from the story told in the world's sacred scriptures.


The teaching received directly from Spirit is deeper and it is cleansed of translation errors. It is also updated for our culture and times. Truth is truth. It is better received directly from Source.


 If followers of any religion have little direct access to Source, they are dependent upon the recorded word in the particular version of the scriptures they possess (many do not even know the various versions of their bibles differ widely). Differences in understanding are inevitable. That is why we have so many Christian denominations. It would not be quite as bad as it is, except that some denominations assume they have it right and the other denominations have it wrong.


In Iraq today, various religious groups are killing each other over who has it right. Can you imagine honoring our Creator in this way?


Violent people always possess a violent God. Things have not changed much since Old Testament times. What an embarrassment to realize that God is neither a Christian nor a Muslim nor a Jew. God is not a Buddhist or a Hindu. God is not an Aztec or a Mayan. Come to think about it – God must be a little lonely.


God is never honored when people kill each other over varying religious beliefs. God would not even "step foot" in the churches, tabernacles, synagogues or other places of worship maintained by violent people. God never condones violence. God is a God of love. Christ said "turn the other cheek."


If you have no direct access to your indwelling Divinity, you will be entirely dependent upon written words. Corruption is inevitable. If you have an active ego, you will misuse your religion to harm others. You will distort the teachings according to your own personality distortions. Such is the case with all holy wars. There is no such thing as a holy war. All wars are unholy. If you have no direct access to Spirit, you will harm others with the written word rather than use the words to love and nourish everyone you meet.


Seek the presence of Spirit and experience the purity of transmission and reception.


Signed: Leland Kaiser


There are some problems for sure in this letter, but there are also a lot of things that can be harmonized with the Bible depending on how it is interpreted.  I think that EGW would agree that we need to hear God's voice and know the Divine personally ourselves and be led by Him in our daily life and this seems to be the main thrust of what Kaiser is saying as I understand it, but I could be wrong.

My problems with it would be:
A) _________, you are dead can Kaiser know his writings are free from corruption.
B) This could become dangerous if you put your feelings above the Bible's known godly principles.
C) Intimates that the written Bible might be was written by humans and so even EGW says it's an imperfect revelation...but the intimations of corruption in the Bible are dangerous.
D) The gnostic solution could be a direct intro to the new age.
E) The idea that God never condones violence.  What then was David and Goliath, the stoning of Achan, the dispossession of the Canaanites, etc.  I agree that God hates it...but sometimes as justice God also does use violence.  Then of course we have hell.  Kaisers idea just doesn't match God's actions in history.
F) Worst is that the teachings in the world's scriptures are not that much different.  Fact is they do have some similarities for sure..but there are vast differences in significant grace vs. karma for example.

Signed Bryan Bissell


Ron’s Commentary: Bryan is always ready and willing to accommodate error with truth by his words: “There are some problems for sure in this letter, but there are also a lot of things that can be harmonized with the Bible depending on how it is interpreted.  I think that EGW would agree that we need to hear God's voice and know the Divine personally ourselves and be led by Him in our daily life and this seems to be the main thrust of what Kaiser is saying as I understand it, but I could be wrong.”

At 11:12 ¿ÀÀü 2007-06-07, you wrote:

You guys, this guy Kaiser doesn't believe God is smart enough to get his word across to people. After reading the first paragraph I get him.  He needs to open his heart to God but so many will not give Him a chance.  So many.


In a message dated 6/6/2007 9:56:10 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, __________writes:



HE is dead wrong in the way he applies his point, I should have made that clear.


God is the SOURCE and the bible is the word for humans.


Kasier  should be asked to remove his membership because he is not a SDA based on his writings.




_________ wrote:



Do you really think so? It comes across to me that he is saying why use the Scriptures when we can go directly to the "Source". But then right after that says that we are going to distort that anyways. So I guess my question is then where do we find the truth?

It is the Holy Spirit that will lead us into all truth, and He won't contradict the Bible. But then again Kaiser in an earlier post basically said that you can't trust the Bible either.

It seems as if he is saying that our truth should come from our inner being and that is completely false.

Again just my two cents - thanks for commenting ____________,


--- In , ____________@... wrote: 


 I see his point but there are far better ways to make it.


Someone commented: I think if he wants to write about purity and corruption he should mention his own writings as being corrupt.