SDA General Conference Liaison With the United Nations

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The following post by James Franks is most serious! The World Council of Churches has the same liaison with the United Nations. By being in liaison with the UN, the church is also in liaison with the World Council of Churches, and this relationship is not the only way in which the SDA church is allied with the World Council of Churches. The SDA church is a FULL MEMBER of the WCC in at least in the following countries:

Hungary, Belize, Hong Kong, Sweden, Cook Islands, and the Bahamas, and is listed in the Directory of Christian Councils, as being in WORKING RELATIONSHIP with the World Council of Churches, p. 244. The Directory is now out of print, but I purchased a number of copies in the latter 1980ís for the members of my home church group. Such liaison confederacy is strictly forbidden by Godís Word, Isaiah 8:9-13, and all who knowingly so imbibe and/or support and member with those who do, will be broken in pieces. There is no other option cited in the Word of God. Also read Jeremiah 11:9-15, for Godís instruction to Jeremiah when the Jews did the very same thing in principle.



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Many (most) of us are aware that the United Nations, is one of the core organizations used by the NWO (and Rome), in their quest to pursue a one world socialist state under their idea of a messianic dictator.

Also, many of us are aware of the fact that the SDAs own General Conference has been [and still are] lying to SDAs regarding the General Conference's UNION/CONFEDERACY with the World Council of Churches.

So I ask you, is this (link given below) something I should be "concerned with"?