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Date:  Mon Feb 12, 2001 4:34pm
Subject:  Alert regarding March 2001 SIGNS issue...

This may be of interest to members of this group.



Dear Colleague,

Following is an alert concerning the latest Signs support for gay
lifestyle. Please do not be using this issue on Left Behind. This is 
a very sad turn of events. A big thank you to Pastor Larry 
Kirkpatrick for the alert. Jay

Fellow Pastor:
If Your Church has a SIGNS rack: Consider pulling the March 2001 

Pages 30-31 of that magazine contain pro-homosexual companionship
sentiments that are out of harmony with the teaching of Scripture.  
Read carefully the paragraphs beginning with "He has a companion" 
(last paragraph on p. 30) and "I think that's a good thing." (first 
paragraph on page 31).  The offending story is called ""At Least We 
Talk."  The magazine has a blue and yellow cover featuring the "Left 
Behind" issue.  You'll know that the main proponents of the secret 
rapture/left behind teaching are fundamentalist Christians, to whom 
such an article (the pro-homosexual one) will poison
their view of Adventists.  This is a missionary magazine.

It has been sabotaged by its own editors.

We have already pulled the offending magazine from our own SIGNS rack 
in Moab, UT.  The magazines had been placed there this morning 
(Sunday), but were pulled later this morning. Hope you don't mind 
receiving this hasty and unsolicited notice.

Pr Larry Kirkpatrick
Nevada-Utah Conference of SDA

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