THE QUESTION WAS ASKED: So, why did the Youth of the Recognizable Church Let it Down?

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So, why did the youth of the recognizable church let it down?


Kevin answers:


Three things that immediately come to mind:


They became corrupted through


1.  Worldliness stunting spiritual mindedness via entertainment culture.

2.  Liberal hijacking of our institutions.

3.  It wasn't my generation alone that let this happen.


I feel that my parents' generation have also let us down by not guarding the church for us and by not having their priorities straight in our upbringing -- leaving our spiritual training up to the church to a far greater degree than we found in the home.  They were really busy working two jobs full time, to build up for their retirement.  Did they not learn how to trust in God? 


Then along came the new wave of theology, out of our institutions which browbeat them into believing they had to come out of their legalistic past and took them too far to the grace, grace, love, love, all-was-done-at-the-cross-side.  In the process we lost true Adventism, which teaches a High Priestly ministry of Christ, has an ongoing work in preparing the final generation for the culmination of the controversy in the Loud Cry, close of probation, final atonement. . . we don't hear of these things anymore.  If we had not got on the bandwagon of a completed plan of salvation at the cross, we'd still understand that it only began there, as the outer court.  If we had held on to the sanctuary and its types, we'd be far more alive than we are. 


The only difference between what we hear in SdA churches today and in Evangelical Sunday churches is that we are hearing it on a different day of the week.  We are Seventh-day Babylonians.


If we had truly kept our distinctives before the people, before my generation, and trained them in such, continuing to uphold the SOP, we would, as a people, be far more ready to advance into the light that God is bringing forth to those who are currently studying along the lines of our historic beliefs. 


EGW said there would be more light.  There is.  We are getting it.  If we had kept our way in the sanctuary and its riches of truth, we would have been prepared to follow on into the glorious opening up of the Word and that promised expanding understanding of things out of the law.  But the devil knew this and took us right out of any mindset to feast on the law.  He took us to the ditch on the other side. 


Much of this new light finds little to connect with in our people because they have become theologically stunted, fat little veal calves, by being fed only milk and kept in the dark.  And yes, it is their own choice, also, to trust in Sabbath morning sermons and the SS quarterly to feed them spiritually, while they read the TV listings more than their Bibles.  If they do read anything at home, it is more of the same pablum as found in our church papers and in the Max Lucados and Rick Warrens of Evangelical Sunday-keeping Christianity, which makes Satan dance in praises to himself for being so successful at bringing us to the watering holes of the false Christ/beast/false prophet/spiritualistic/NWO system.  And yes, it IS everywhere, especially in Christianity, posing as an angel of light, singing the most wonderful (generic) praises. 


Sadly, what has developed out of all this is a hostile climate to those of us who would try to bring the advancing light (present truth) before the people.  We are met with decided resistance and efforts to dampen or silence our voices, from the mainstream and in some cases, with outright rancor and disfellowship.  I know many of these people who have been thrust out for adhering to and advancing in the true Adventism of which I speak.


This is my "quick-draw" answer, straight from the hip, without giving a whole lot of thought to it. . .




Subject: Growing Up Adventist: No Apologies Needed


This is a great article and worth keeping on file.  I grew up in this church.  It wasn't perfect, but today's church isn't even recognizable by the standard represented here.  My generation has not preserved our church.  We have let in worldliness and confusion.  What will my children do?  KS