How the Supreme Court Could Cripple Christian Schools

By Nick Petula

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How Supremes could cripple Christian schools

subscribe (05/20/2015)

"If the Supreme Court finds there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage next month, the tax-exempt status of any nonprofit groups that refuse to embrace the movement could soon be on the chopping block. ...In the Bob Jones case, the court held that a college was not entitled to tax-exempt status if it opposed interracial marriage or interracial dating. So would the same apply to a university or a college if it opposed same-sex marriage? asked Justice Samuel Alito. Its certainly going to be an issue. I dont deny that, responded U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. ...He can easily envision a scenario where the federal government would investigate the school."

--In other words, if the Christian school has a teacher actually make a statement in a classroom that homosexuality is a sin, that school could lose its tax exempt status and thereby be forced into bankruptcy which will then force it to be closed. That is the proverbial carrot all schools see dangling before them. Do as big brother demands or big brother will destroy you.


Yes, the 501c3 is a prophesied event that all of the supposed Christians schools and churches missed completely. And yes, this includes the Seventh Day Adventist church which also has 501c3 status. On my "Image of the Beast" page on this site I posted much detail outlining why this is a prophesied event many years ago. So, no question there. So, what I would like to touch on here is the fine print those preachers, pastors and principles obviously ignored. And yes, they ignored this with eyes wide open because they had to have read the fine print before signing onto the 501c3 in the first place. That means THEY KNEW what they were signing! They may not have known the prophetic implications due to their disobedience to the Lord that called them to stand where they presently stand, but they certainly knew the Biblical implications regarding the unequal yoking of the church with the state. Besides the fact that signing the document means you had to incorporate, or "join your church with the state," so as to get the tax right offs, the fine print also stipulates the one signing must understand all laws passed by the state will then force them to comply with such laws regardless of the fact that such laws could (and would) be totally against the Laws of their God. But as the Word of God also predicted, they would be preachers of "filthy lucre" (money) anyway. That means biblical jurisprudence wouldn't weigh in their decision at all when it came to getting what they truly desired, and that's silk lined pockets bulging with donations from their victims.

To Summarize:

All churches and schools with the 501c3 confirm two things. #1, They were disobedient to God long before signing because had they been obedient they would have seen the dangers of signing such a well prophesied document. And #2, They are those prophecy declared would be the very ones that help Satan build the image of the Roman beast right here in America. However, if you do not read your Bible or pray on a regular basis, as His obedient bride does, what I just said made absolutely no sense to you at all. But if it did make sense, and you are in a 501c3 church, (you can check here) Revelation 18:1-5 will make sense as well now. Will you then be obedient and "come out" of that church? Or will you continue to follow the lead of those wolves standing before you as "pastors" so as to continue to uplift their heresy as well as fund (with the tithe) their building up of the image of the beast in America THAT WILL help to enforce the mark of that very same beast. If you do, they you are prophesied to be those that will come against the people of God when that death sentence is put forth by Rome under physical command of Satan who at that time will be standing on earth as if her were Christ himself.

Just as salvation in Christ was an individual choice of yours the very day you were born again, so is obedience to His Word a choice you need to make along the path He placed before you. Either "come out" of Babylon and her sister churches, or stay in those churches and receive "the plagues" that are headed towards them in break neck speed as we speak.