Why Evidence on the Godhead at This Late Hour?

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Dear Reader,

The question might have entered into the minds of the more thoughtful among you: "Why the evidence on the Godhead now at this late hour?" Why did this evidence not come to Seventh-day Adventists long before this? The answer as God has shown it to me is twofold:

1. It did come through our Pioneers, but because we REJECTED their light, further light was not given on the Godhead.

2. Professing Seventh-day Adventists REJECTED the chapter in Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 62, entitled TESTIMONIES SLIGHTED. The original reading of this title was: TESTIMONIES REJECTED. The testimony of that chapter was REJECTED.

3. The SDA Church REJECTED the Jones and Waggoner Message of 1888.

4. The SDA Church REJECTED the 1901 organization plan outlined by Ellen G. White and the Minority Committee.

5. The SDA Church became Laodicean very early in its existence, and has REJECTED the Laodicean Message ever since. Therefore:

"If the church of God becomes LUKEWARM [LAODICEAN] it does not stand in favor with God any more than do the churches that are represented as having fallen and become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Those who have had opportunities to hear and receive the truth, and who have united with the Seventh-day Adventist church, calling themselves the commandment keeping people of God, and yet possess no more vitality and consecration to God than do the nominal churches, will receive of the plagues of God just as verily as the churches who oppose the law of God." E.G. White, Letter 35, 1898.

6. By implementing the trinity doctine, the SDA church has adopted the most abominable heresy of Rome, which is its central doctrine. The doctrine effectually removes the Atonement and the Sanctuary. This doctrine is the Omega Heresy.

As Armageddon approaches, God is giving the church one more chance to accept the life, breath, blood and soul of Jesus Christ, in the form of His first estate of Being, His Original, personal, Holy Spirit as a regenerating agency.

Ron Beaulieu