A Response to Omega Countdown Ministries from Tanzania

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Dear Reader,


This is a sample of the type of response the Holy Spirit has blessed my Website with around the world.  It was no “accident” that the SDA Th.D Professor was led to my Website. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. May His blessing attend the study of all to whom Mr. Tulla witnesses. And woe be to any who would hinder this witness.


Ron Beaulieu



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From: tulla  (full name withheld)

To: Ron Beaulieu

Cc:  (full name withheld)

Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 5:42 PM



Dear Ron B. William,


Many Christian greetings from Tanzania. I take this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitudes to what you have placed on your website. I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to your colleagues at Count Down Ministries.


Dear Ron, the changes in my Christian journey have been too fast since I joined the SDA Church in 1985. I never thought I could undergo such changes for a short time. However, God’s ways are not our ways. I joined a theological seminary in 1988. Ever since I have gone through different stages until I finished my doctoral studies (ThD). I was a professor at an Adventist Theological Seminary until 2004, when I was harassed, mistreated and disfellowshipped because I protested openly that the SDA Church had lost the vision.


Dear, Ron! This is a story but bear with me. When I lost my job; even my allowances and property were confiscated by the SDA leaders here in Tanzania. In 2005, I decided to read extensively so as to discover the truth and why the leaders had treated me so instead of rejoicing together in reforming the system. I left out theology and read this time not with the eyeglasses of the SDA Church but as a Reformer. I searched all the websites and kept a timetable of surfing periodically to find out who had all the truth so that I could preach it to the SDAs who had left the SDA Church here in Tanzania and were worshiping at their homes. Although I saw them wrong when I was still teaching at the theological seminary; I found myself being the resource for their questions.


Dear Ron, it was just March of 2006, when I came across your web-site by accident. I do not have the internet at home. I depend on the internet cafés in the city nearby. After going through Remnantofgod.org I surfed on other websites related. I got your website. I began downloading and reading. Now, before that, I had been reading and even translating books/booklets from Let There Be Light Ministries (Robert Sessler), Symirna Gospel Ministries, Restoration Ministries, etc. However, I did not agree with them especially on their exposition on the Godhead. I disagreed with Sessler and his team and if you remember, I even e-mailed to you some of their e-mails to me. I did not agree with Allen Stump too on their exposition on the Godhead. To me, they were still lacking. Remember that I am a fast reader and I read a lot, especially Ellen G. White writings.


Dear Ron, I am a critic and when I read I am able to analyze at Academic level. I am not here to praise myself but I was trained like that ever since I was a sincere Catholic. I kept on reading and comparing. I gave a testimony to my fellows in July 2006; that God has visited us again and revealed some more secret things through this American—Ron. I thought Ellen G. White was the last but again I hear the voice of God speaking through Ron. The most important topics I have read and shared widely here in Tanzania is the Godhead and the Incarnation. I translated all your topics and compiled them in booklets of 50-100 pages and are spreading in every corner of Tanzania. Even the 666 man.net, I got it from your website. I translated that document (Unlocking Revelation 17 and the Number 666). To me those documents are true and God has revealed his secret things before the end comes. Not only that, I am planning to keep on translating these documents in Kiswahili so that my friends all over Tanzania and East and Central Africa may hear this message, especially the Good News on the Godhead. Most people here cannot speak English but Kiswahili. Only those who went to school can speak English and few of them are with us because of their jobs.


Dear Ron, if I am not mistaken, you have updated your website probably one or two months ago. For, almost two months, I have had problem with my computer because of viruses. It has cost me much but, anyway the computer is safe and working. I bought a wireless modem two months ago planning to download all the documents on your website and read them. However, from October 1, 2007; the price for downloading/uploading one mega-bite has gone up six times. This is too expensive for most of us with less income.


Dear Ron, just Yesterday, as I was surfing your website I came across https://omega77.tripod.com/trademarkissue1.htm. When I downloaded and read your message, I was terribly shocked by the news. This is what I expected since last year. That Satan through the apostate SDA leadership, could plot this stupid game. Anyway, praise the Lord that even in the heart of Africa, what the Lord has revealed to you will be kept alive. I shall use all my strength to spread what I have received from this web. Remember that Kiswahili is the English of East and Central Africa (about 8 countries use it either as official or 2 language). What can I do for the short time left? I shall put almost all of these documents in Kiswahili without altering anything that people may read and take their stand.


Dear Ron, as I close my letter, I present my request at Countdown Ministries. Kindly, put all what you have put on the Website, in a CD (burn) and then mail that CD to me. I am sure it won’t cost you even US 20.00 for burning the CD and mailing it to me.  I was surfing https://omega77.tripod.com/indepth.htm, but only in-depth studies of 2 topics have been dealt with out of 44. Put everything you think will be very important on the CD and mail it to me. The salvation of many Africans here in East and Central Africa hangs on treating this letter with urgency and sincerity.


If you attend to my request, kindly mail to:


Pr. (name withheld)


I hope that you will attend this letter with special interest or if you might be too busy because of your hectic schedules and writing, ask your wife or anybody in the home-church you attend every Sabbath to attend to us.



Yours in the Blessed Hope,



Name and address withheld