A Straight Testimony to Ulicia Ulrike Unruh and Teresa Q.

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Dear Reader, 

What follows is a straight testimony to Ulicia Ulrike Unruh and Teresa Q.It is meant for the benefit of all who think along the same lines they do to defend an apostate New Movement SDA church. They have been admonished on these issues more than once, but continue in lying witness to Godís people. This is a serious act. My words will be in this color print. 



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My response is interspersed under yours. Ron


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[Ulicia speaking]: Since when has Ulicia, or Teresa for that matter told people to disregard God's direct requirements and to follow, instead, their own desires?


Ron responds: Ulicia, this very post of yours is another in a long series of disregard for the truth and direct commandments of God. You both disregard God's direct requirements on a regular basis by denying the degree of apostasy in the church and a correct response to that apostasy. Isaiah 8:9-13 is a direct command of God, and your new movement church is in gross violation of that commandment. There is one option for disobedience to that command--broken in pieces. You follow your own desires by defending and supporting a new movement that violates the strictly forbidden commandment of those verses.

I have always upheld that a child of God will walk in humble
obedience with Christ in the life of sanctification.  


Ron responds: Ulicia, you do so with your mouth, but you don't follow through with your actions. For example, it was not humble or obedience of you to try to say time after time over many years that Ezekiel 9 was fulfilled by the Nebuchadnezzar sieges against the Jews. I proved beyond any reasonable doubt that each of his three invasions were permitted by God as a remedial lesson to Israel, and DID NOT fulfill Ezekiel 9, because in NONE of those three sieges was any wholesale slaughter, such as Ezekiel 9 depicts, perpetrated by Nebuchadnezzar at the Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple was destroyed, but the Jews were taken captives. They went into captivity, NOT SLAUGHTER!




Did you and Teresa demonstrate the true humility you babble about when I pointed out this irrefutable fact of history? Nay! Neither of you did! That is not true humility. That is not honesty in dealing. That is lying. You are still perpetrating that lie until you correct it and repent of it. And then you propose to sermonize me about lying. You and Teresa directly lied about this. Neither of you have humbled yourself to apologize to this date! Then you come on talking humility and unity at any cost--even at the cost of your lies, which will be another literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 9 on all who tell such lies without repenting, AND CONTINUE TO COMMIT THESE ATROCITIES WHILE KNOWING THE TRUTH.

When have I said that marriage or the Sabbath should be "lightly
regarded"?   Never!


Ron responds: You do so by upholding and defending a church that lightly regards God's Sabbath. It is lightly regarding the Holy Sabbath, the Midnight Cry and the first and second angel's messages for your new movement church to hold joint Easter sunrise services with Babylon, making them think it is quite okay to worship on Sunday, and that desecrates the Sabbath. Your new movement church is up to its cranium in ecumenical liaison with Babylon. That desecrates the same messages by making Babylon think it is okay to keep Sunday because SDA's are aligned with them in their Associations, Councils, Counsels, Girdings, and Confederacies. This is proven by your own church leaders in their own news releases.

In fact those quotes on "marriage" are in "Messages to Young People" and when I was teaching grade nine and ten, I had the Young People read those passages and discuss them.


Ron responds: That is great Ulicia, but apparently your leaders and the church at large did not do as you did, and you are corporately responsible for the licentiousness that is in your church and the unholy practices that have been getting worse and worse since Ellen White's death in 1915.

Ron, there is a commandment about "thou shalt not bear false witness" If you want sin to be called by its right name, bearing false 
witness against another IS SIN .


Ron responds: For at least five years now Ulicia (Ulrike) Unruh, you have borne false witness about the historic fulfillment of Ezekiel 9, by saying that chapter was fulfilled by the invasions of Nebuchadnezzar, in lieu of the siege by Titus in A.D. 70. You were dead wrong. I proved from your own SDA Bible Commentary, that this was impossible under Nebuchadnezzar, because in each siege by him the Jews were only taken into captivity.


You are absolutely correct Ulicia, and it is thou that has borne false witness and who supports a church whose leaders have divined lies to their sheep following members. They have lied about ecumenical involvement for decades. They claimed only "observer status" for decades. Then in the latter 1980's, Dr. B.B. Beach admitted in the Adventist Review that the church had been a MEMBER of the Hungarian Council of Free Churches, which is a MEMBER of the World Council of Churches. He did not admit this until the Hungarian revolt of about 1500 members, which resulted because of the church's ecumenical MEMBERSHIP in that country. Then the church was forced to admit the truth. The church is STILL a member of the Hungarian Council of Free Churches and many other Councils of Churches in various countries of the world.


As I already stated, those who violate that strictly forbidden commandment of God, Isaiah 8:9-13, will be broken in pieces. If you will check the marginal definition of the words "a slaughter weapon," it means "a weapon of his breaking in pieces." Ezekiel 9 is the only option for those who KNOWINGLY violate that command after knowing the truth that SDA's know. That is why Ellen White says that Ezekiel 9 will be literally fulfilled again. But you try to allay the danger of that death sentence by pointing out that it occurs during the general destruction. It does occur at that time, but IT BEGINS AT HIS SANCTUARY, Jerusalem, those who knew of the command of Isaiah 8:9-13, and chose to violate it anyway--those like yourselves--Ulicia and Teresa.


Ulicia, your husband is a minister and he should have been able to correct any error of yours which I have mentioned above. But because he did not, he stands more guilty than yourself because of his office as a minister to God's people.  



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Calling sin by its right name: Lovesick sentimentalism versus
calling sin by its right name! This is the kind of EGW sayings that
Ulicia Unruh, Teresa Q., and any new movement SDA will NEVER post:

July 12, 1904 The Need of True Reformers by Ellen G. White

      The servants of God today encounter difficulties very similar
to those against which Nehemiah contended. Human nature is still the same. And Satan is as active, earnest, and persevering now as at any period in the past. Nay, rather, the word of God declares that his
power and enmity increase as we near the close of time. The greatest danger of God's ancient people arose from their inclination to disregard his direct requirements and to follow, instead, their own desires. Such is the sin and danger of his people at the present time. The indolence, backsliding, and degeneracy in our churches may be traced, in a great degree, to the lax sentiments which have been coming in as a result of conformity to the world. The Sabbath is not as sacredly regarded as it should be. Improper marriages, with their train of evils, have dragged down some of the useful men to apostasy and ruin. {SW, July 12, 1904 par. 1}

      Before contracting marriage, every wise person will consider
the matter in all its bearings: "Will the relation I am about to form
lead heavenward, or toward perdition? Will it bring in sacred and
devotional influences, or the corrupting influence of the world?"
{SW, July 12, 1904 par. 2}


Ronís Commentary: If Ellen White thought that the Sabbath was not as sacredly regarded as it should be in 1904, what, pray tell, would she think today, with standard after standard trailing in the dust?