The Unifying Factor of Ecumenized World Religion

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The scene is rapidly being staged for the realisation of the key unifying factor of the world's religions today. It has taken centuries for the various religions to adjust and transform themselves to reach this condition of outward parity and interfaithism. The recent destruction and terror in the USA, coupled with the parallel demonising of "fundamentalism", has cranked the religious scene even further into a "world as one" mindset. That, of course, has been a great part of its purpose.
Further acts of terror -- even more grandiose that 9/11 -- will catapult the religions (and governments) even more closely into the facade of a global coalition, with the true teachings of the Bible being sidelined as "extremism" and those who believe in those teachings being stigmatised as "fanatics" on a par with Islamic terrorists.
But what IS the key unifying factor of the world's religions today? It is the preparation for the coming World Leader. The mainstream world religions and the theosophical movement which lies behind the New Spirituality/New Age harbour a teaching about a world leader who will appear in an apocalyptic fashion supposedly to bring about peace and justice on earth and set up a "Golden Age".
However, the vital difference between the (false) religions of the world (including modern "Christianity" represented at interfaith gatherings) and the (true) Christianity of the Bible is that the only world leader envisaged by the latter is known as the Antichrist and is the ultimate human incarnation of demonic power. Thus, the religions of the world are expecting a world leader who will be the answer to the problems of the human race, and true Christians are expecting a world leader who will be the greatest deceiver ever to come into the world.
At present, numerous religious groupings and New Agers are living in such an expectation. We have already documented in a recent mail how Alice Bailey, mother of the modern theosophists and New Spirituality, wrote in 1922 that a "World Teacher" would be born into this world before the end of the twentieth century, and that many occult initiates would be placed in key positions in government and religion (including the churches) in order to facilitate the revealing of this "World Teacher". (See her book "Initiation, Human & Solar", Lucis Press, pp.52-62).
But the world's main religions are also living in expectation of just such a teacher. For example, the Shi'ite Muslims believe that "God has designated a line of the family of 'Ali to act as sources of spiritual guidance to the community".[1] The various members of this family line are known as 'Imams'. However, in the ninth century the twelfth of the line disappeared, and this led to a hiatus in the manifestation of the Imams. However, "the Shi'is now await the return (raj'a) of the expected Imam, who will re-establish a reign of justice and peace on earth".[2] The significance to world events of this expectation of the Mahdi, as he is called, should not be missed. For the Shi'ites believe that "towards the end of the world, before the Last Day (Qiyama), a Mahdi, often identified with the returned Jesus, will establish a reign of justice on the earth. In Shi'ism the Mahdi is a vital figure, identified with the Hidden Imam who will reappear and rule by divine prescription".[3]

The Ayatollah Khomeini was a Shi'ite Muslim and his Iranian Revolution of 1978-9 was a Shi'ite-inspired event. It is worth noting that after this Revolution, the Ayatollah Khomeini became recognised as "Vilayat Faqih" or supreme temporal representative in Iran of the Hidden Imam or Mahdi who is still to come.[4] The power of the Shi'ite Muslims worldwide is enormous. If a World Teacher was to appear who could fulfil their expectations, his powerbase would be immense.
But it is not only the many millions of Shi'ite Muslims who are expecting a World Teacher to establish a reign of peace and justice on the earth. Classical Buddhism also speaks of the expectancy of a future World Teacher to follow in the line of its founder Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha, who was alive in the sixth century B.C. Establishing the link even more profoundly, the name of their expected teacher is Bodhisattva Maitreya, which corresponds precisely with the name of the "Ascended Master" who expected to come as the World Teacher by the New Agers (see the table earlier in this section). There is yet another interesting connection here: In Neo-Gnostic ideology, the etheric retreat where the 'Ascended Masters' are reputed to live is referred to as Shambhala. In the religion of Tibetan Buddhism, the same name of Shambhala refers to "a mystic kingdom ruled by the lineage holders of the Kalachakra Tantra (Wheel of Time Tantra). It is said that King Suchandra of Shambhala received this Tantra from Buddha in the latter's eightieth year and entrusted it to his successors, the last of whom, Rigden Pema Karpo, is expected to return and establish Shambhala as a universal kingdom".[5]

Once again, we discover in yet another religion this idea of a coming World Teacher who sets up a Golden Age on earth. Let us remember here that the Tibetan Buddhist Dalai Lama, who is so influential in the New Spirituality of today, occupies a similar role to that of the Ayatollah Khomeini in terms of being the 'supreme temporal representative' of the Buddha, until the coming of the Maitreya to "establish Shambhala as a universal kingdom". In anticipation of this occurrence, the Tibetan Buddhist organisation known as Vajradhatu, with its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, has set up an imprint entitled the "New Science Library Series of Shambhala", which publishes many titles propagating the New Spirituality.
Another important factor to recognise, in relation to the global expectation of a World Teacher who will usher in a Golden Age on earth, is that the Jewish people of the world are still awaiting their Messiah (Hebrew, Mashiyach) to bring a reign of peace and justice on earth. This fact takes on sinister proportions when one considers that enigmatic statement of the Lord Jesus to the Jews that, although they would not accept Him as Messiah, "if another comes in his own name, him you will receive" (Jn.5:43). Here we begin to gain an insight into the true identity of this World Teacher expected by so many of the world's religions. As Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354-430) rightly states, concerning the words of the Lord Jesus to the Jews in Jn.5:43: "He intimated that they would receive Antichrist, who will seek the glory of his own name".[6] Now we can see where the modern state of Israel will figure during the closing days of this present age. Surely Israel will figure as a key element in the acceptance and promotion of the Antichrist whom the world will regard as its great new teacher, having believed his lies and been deceived by his sorceries and false miracles.
Numerous other cults and groupings hold beliefs which are significant to this concept of the coming World Teacher. Among them, the American Indian Hopi tribe has been lending support to the spiritual timetable of the New World Order. Special dates have been given in Hopi prophecy as being auspicious to the approaching quantum leap in evolution which is associated with the coming of the World Teacher. Another fact pointed out by the New Spirituality people is that all the prophecies of the Mesoamerican Mayan culture for whom they have great admiration culminate in the year A.D. 2011, by which time they expect their earthly millennium to have been well-established.
What are Christians to make of all this millennial expectancy and the advent of a "World Teacher"? Surely, just as the idea of a future Golden Age on earth has been fabricated by the powers of darkness as their strategy for the Last Days, as a way of seducing people away from the fact of eternal life in the New Heavens and New Earth, so they have also dredged up the idea of a coming World Teacher who will set up a reign of "peace and justice" on earth all in crass counterfeit of the Second Coming of the true Christ, who will establish a heavenly kingdom after the final judgement has wreaked its havoc on this earth. Many of the New Gnostic sects even refer to their coming World Teacher as 'The Christ' a description which will no doubt be used to persuade untaught and undiscerning persons who profess to be Christians that this character is the actual returned Jesus Christ. Surely, it is not impossible that such a one as this expected "World Teacher", who will have great occult powers and enough political panache to satisfy all, will actually come in the near future.
The people of the world today are crying out for a strong leader to steer them through the insecurities of the twenty-first century. Naturally, such a leader would have to be highly ecumenical if he is to satisfy the requirements of all the sects and religions who are awaiting his coming. But that is not beyond the bounds of possibility, given the present syncretist outlook of the world (see our article "The Hidden Agenda of the Ecumenical Movement" for details of this). However, if and when such a world leader does appear, he will surely be the Antichrist shown by the Bible to appear and rule on earth for a brief time as Satan's figurehead before being destroyed in the return of the true Jesus Christ (2 Th.2:3-11). In view of the Scriptural data, it is clear that there will be a large degree of deception about this event when it comes to pass (2 Th.2:9-11), especially when we consider that there are a great many professing Christians who are also expecting Jesus to set up a kingdom of peace and justice on the earth! We should remember the warning of the Lord that false christs can be so beguiling that they have the potential to deceive even God's people, if such a thing is possible (Mt.24:24). Remember also how He added emphatically, "See, I have told you beforehand" (Mt.24:25).
The details that we have revealed in this brief article give some considerable credence to the idea that the powers of darkness have carefully planned out an occult agenda which will be most compelling in its power and global in its execution. The question is this: Will we be taken in by its subtle seduction, or will we be informed enough to resist it successfully? And if we resist it, will we be courageous enough to accept the consequences? Do not be taken in by those who tell you that you will be "raptured" off the planet before things get that bad. What an escapist deception that has been! Instead, be prepared to suffer and die for what you believe in.
If you are a Christian believer, you will not have to go through the Final Judgement on this planet, when it is poured out; but we will be an important witness during the time of persecution and delusion known as the Great Tribulation. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


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October 11th 2001
Copyright Alan Morrison, Diakrisis International, 2001