My Vision on Satan’s

End-time Snares

Part II

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The time is 12:38 a.m., June 3, 2011. I just awoke from a powerful vision on the subject of Satan’s overpowering end-time temptations for those who are imbibing his computer gaming and pornographic agenda. I was shown that there will be pornographic touchable holograms. So I arose from my bed and went downstairs and typed those words (pornographic touchable holograms) into Google, and sure enough, here is what I discovered. I tell you before the Lord Jesus that I had no previous concept of these plans of Satan’s agenda to ensnare, just as I had no knowledge of how he would employ holograms in my first presentation of his end-time arts to deceive.

Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Holograms


Hologram Porn Coming Soon


Sex with my holographic reflection – song


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Hologram Porn Coming Soon
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Sex with my holographic reflection - song
58 sec - 9 Oct 2010
Uploaded by rocknrollgod666

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Beyond the above technology, I was shown that Satan will not only cause acquaintances to appear to us, but will give us the ability to actually have sexual relations with them if that is desired. All the sensations will be beamed into the mind by effecting the appropriate trigger mechanism in the brain.

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The Lord has shown me that all who imbibe Satan’s temptations in the computer games and sexual realm will be seduced by these and other of his mind controlling devices, and will be lost if they refuse to reform by the aid of the Holy Spirit. For those who do not discern the computer game implications, they arouse the same competitive, killer spirit that Ellen White associated with sports.


Men, women and children are already ceding to Satan’s end-time devices without being cognizant of this fact. I was shown how addictively enslaving these state of the art inventions of Satan are to some individuals. In addition to robbing us of precious time for preparation for the worst time of trouble ever to visit planet earth, imbibed sexual pornography and computer gaming is negatively enervating to the faculties of mind and body. I was shown that Satan has prepared minds for his end-time deceptions via Star Wars, Avatar, Harry Potter, and other Hollywood productions and also via computer gaming.


I was shown that every act we perform sows a habit and strengthens the boutons in the nerve endings of the brain. These boutons actually grow (enlarge) with every specific act and this is how habits are instilled. There is a chemical reaction accompanying every act we imbibe. I was also shown that when we cease to engage certain acts, these boutons reduce in size, thus reducing the temptation capacity.


bouton /bou·ton/ (boo-tahn´) [Fr.] a buttonlike swelling on an axon where it has a synapse with another neuron.

synaptic bouton  b. terminal.

bouton terminal  (ter-mĭ-nahl´) pl. boutons´ terminaux´  a buttonlike terminal enlargement of an axon that ends in relation to another neuron at a synapse.


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