My Vision on Emergency Currency for the Poor

ďThe Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.Ē Luke 4:18


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December 23, 2011†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

An acquaintance of mine recently told me that the smart will buy gold and silver; that all who donít do so are foolish virgins. Iím glad the person in question said that because it prompted me to supplicate God concerning the majority of His people who are poor. The person said that I will impoverish Godís people by advising them not to buy gold and silver! I have a news flash for the person in mention: Most of Godís people are already impoverished and donít have the money to pay the large sums now required for gold, silver and/or other metals or gems. Think of all the poor Adventists the world over. Those people are my burden because I am one of them!

Realizing that Jesus said He came to preach the gospel to the poor, I could not reconcile Luke 4:18 with the personal opinion of my acquaintance, so I supplicated God in the night as to the best course for the poor to take in the coming hard times we will experience before the time of trouble and more precisely before the time we cannot buy and sell. I will relate to you in this document what God showed me. I asked Him to lead me to the most important information for His people and the poor in particular, because I am of that number and there are so many of us. It is near impossible for the poor to pay the current prices for gold and silver and other precious metals, and Ellen White advises against such investments:

So what is Godís plan for us as far as emergency provisions are concerned? Did He regard the poor whom He came to preach the gospel to as mere foolish virgins as my acquaintance in Australia does? I think not! He has other options for them.

God showed me that the most important, barterable item is food. You canít eat gold or silver! The current price of gold today, December 23, 2011, as of this writing is: $1,604.61 per ounce. And on top of that cost, there is a hefty assay (certification) fee if you cash it in at a bank! Some who have bought on paper have been cheated out of their purchase. That is another idiom of speculation associated with such trade. How many can afford that? And it is speculation to buy gold and silver. Buying food and tools is not speculation. We will prove that gold and silver is not the only way to protect oneself from hard financial times. And if it were, all the poor Jesus came to preach the gospel to would be doomed! In my friendís opinion, they would be nothing more than foolish virgins. God is not going to let that happen!


One can choose amongst the following items and stockpile what the Lord impresses you as the most important items. The Lord showed me that food is the most important itemóthat would be freeze dried foods. Such foods can be stored for long periods of time and they are within the bounds of the budget of the poor. You cannot eat gold or silver and other precious metals or gems, but you can survive on freeze dried foods quite well. And you can trade such food items for other needs.


Review the list of 100 items at the following link that disappear first from the shelves in the event of an emergency and stockpile what you believe to be the best item(s) for you to use as a bartering item, and this option is also within the budget of the poor.


I would also recommend Iodide pills in case of nuclear bombings which are a very stark possibility in the time we live in. The following items are listed at this link:



survival1.jpgMust have survival gear items


How about some food for thought? Out of all your survival gear items, which 10 are the most important?


This list is going to change with your geographical location, any special needs, training and past experience, threat level from certain types of disasters,,,, and any other factors I forgot.


1. Home based water filter - an example of this is the Berkey Light or the Royal Berkey. Why is a water filter the first item? Because water is used so much in our daily lives. You do not need to be brushing your teeth with water contaminated with E. Coli, shigella or cryptosporidium.


2. Hand soap - the number 1 way to prevent the spread of disease is to wash your hands - especially before you eat.


3. Peanut butter and honey - High calorie food (peanut butter) mixed with honey - which has trace minerals - makes a meal that is difficult to beat. Unlike dried foods, no water is required to cook peanut butter or the honey. After opening, neither one needs to be kept cold. Honey can be stored for years without fear of spoiling and it makes for a good topical anti-biotic.


4. First aid kit - for taking care of wounds and injuries.


5. Way to cook without electricity - Propane is a good option, but itís going to run out sooner or later. Solar ovens are a good choice, if you live in an area that gets plenty of sun light. Wood burning pits are a good option. Firewood might go into short supply as people run out of ways to cook, but its always going to be around.


6. Water bottles - some way to transport water from a nearby stream to your water filter.


7. Good quality bicycle - after gasoline runs out, you have a way to get around.


8. Good quality boots - if your feet hurt, your not going anywhere.


9. Solar charger - whether its for charging a cell phone or a flashlight, the sun offers unlimited energy, you just have to have a way to harness that power.


10. Fishing supplies - give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life. If you live close to a lake, stream, pond or river, fishing gear must not be overlooked.


Special mention Ė Spiritual, physical, and mental conditioning - Stay sharp and stay fit. If you are fit, you can work for your food.


Freeze Dried Food Outlets

God showed me that Freeze Dried Food is the best investment for the poor, along with growing sprouted seeds, hydroponically grown foods and learning the wild edible plants in oneís region. And a good thing about it is that most would not want to steal Freeze Dried Food as much as they would want to steal gold and silver!


The following items concerned with general survival could be of help when fleeing to the wilderness.


ďMany outdoor enthusiasts love to agonize over what belongs in their survival kit. Here are the supplies that we think belong in a small pack for quick trips into the wilderness. Of course, a GPS unit and a satellite phone would be handy, but this collection is meant to be a cheap backup for times when those items are damaged or inaccessible.Ē


10. High-Calorie Protein Bars

Hunting and fishing may be more trouble than they are worth. You may burn more calories in search of prey than you would gain from eating their flesh. Save yourself from some agony by packing a few snacks.

9. Flashlight

Flashlights can be seen by search and rescue teams from a great distance. They are a great way to attract attention to yourself and could come in handy if you have trouble making a fire.

8. Whistle

When you are lost in the woods, signaling for help should be a high priority. Blowing a whistle periodically requires much less energy than yelling and the high pitch sound may travel further.

7. Backpacker Hammock

In extremely hot or cold environments, protecting yourself from the elements is half the battle. You can always disassemble it to construct a more elaborate shelter.

6. Water Purification Supplies

Drinking brackish water can do more harm than good. By properly filtering and decontaminating your beverages, you can avoid getting in even more trouble.

5. Plastic Trash Bag

Thin and light, they are worth their weight in gold and have a plethora of uses. Use them to catch rain, cut three holes to improvise a rain poncho, or windproof your shelter. Bring several of them. Trash compactor bags are the sturdiest.

4. First-Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are an even bigger deal than being lost. Your kit should contain items to deal with serious injuries ó not just cuts and scrapes. Pack some Quick Clot or Celox to deal with serious bleeding, tweezers, a needle and thread, antibiotic cream, a bit of sunblock, and any special medications that you may need.

3. Metal Cup or Can

Staying hydrated is far more important than finding food. With a metal container, you have the option of boiling the water to kill nasty microbes.

2. Butane Lighter and Tinder

Starting fires with a mischmetal flint in a dry climate is easy, but in wet weather, you may need a cigarette lighter and some flammable helpers to get your fire going. Cotton balls covered in wax, solid backpacking stove tablets, or a flask of Bacardi 151 are all viable options.

1. Knife

Never leave home without one. A sturdy blade is essential for building shelters, preparing food, making campfires and countless other tasks.


Other items I would recommend to store up on:


       Small Bible and Glossary of your favorite Bible and Spirit of Prophecy quotes.

       Vance Ferellís Natural Remedies Encyclopedia (You can use it on-line at the following link but you should purchase it for times we not have use of our computers: You can buy this book from Vance wholesale and it would be an excellent barter item in difficult times! Heads up Colporteurs!

       A good supply of water purification tablets

       Obtain a good Survival Guide.

       A hand saw for cutting fire wood.

       A good axe.

       A countertop water purifier.

       Plenty of matches and flint.

       A good supply of toilet tissue.

       A good supply of staples like salt, maple syrupetc.

       A good supply of batteries.

       Some hand crank generator flashlights.

       Hand crank generator radio(s).

       Light bulbs.

       Good rugged mountain bicycles with spare parts such as chains, tires, tubes, tire patches, bicycle racks, and wrench set.

       Book on wild edible plants for your region.

       Good supply of sprouting seeds and cheese cloth for draining them. (This could be a good barter item).Learn to make flourless sprouted seed bread.

       Keep your watch batteries up to date. (Same advice to those with hearing aids or any battery operated device).

       A personal nail care kit with tweezers etc.

       Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for sore feet etc.

       Cotton swabs.

       Good back pack.

       A good supply of motor oil and gas.

       A large amount of dried wood.

       Wood stove.

       A good supply of butane lighters.

       A good supply of Coleman butane fuel. (You canít have too much because this item could be bartered).

       A Coleman camping stove.

       A good supply of peanut butter and/or other butters such as almond butter etc.

       A good supply of energy bars.

       Dried Pasta, legumes etc.

       Dried potatoes

       Supply of oatmeal and Scottish oats.

       A good supply of rice and grains you prefer in gallon glass jars.

       A good supply of canned fruit in jars.

       Eye drops.

       Extra pair or more of eyeglasses. Keep eyeglass prescriptions up to date.

       A good supply of wild Oil of Oregano and/or Oregamax (Dried form in capsule) with a 75% rating of carvacrol which is the most important active ingredient. Kills all bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses as well or better than the most powerful antibiotics without building up resistance to these menaces. This is not the same thing as the kitchen spice known as oregano.

       A good supply of organic Essiac herbal tea (Get the combination that includes 8 herbs).

       Hydrogen peroxide (food and commercial grades).

       Keep medical prescriptions up to date and get them prescribed as far ahead as possible.

       A good supply of natural soap.

       A good supply of vegetable salt and sea salt. (These items could be bartered).

       Keep as many gallon jugs of water as you can and change it periodically.

       Winter camping tent(s) that accommodate a wood stove pipe through the wall.


Other Useful Websites

*Water Purification Straw (Even filters out salt in salt water! [This could be more valuable than gold as a barter item in emergency times]

*The first portable ratiological filter of its kind in the world that filters out of drinking water 100% of the major contaminats that can be found after a nuclear catastrophe! [What would this be worth in emergency times like Fukushima and even now from the spreading effects of that disaster!]


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