For What It's Worth--West Nile Disease

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I was talking to an old doctor friend of mine about the West Nile Disease. I said isn't it funny how all these new viruses keep popping up.

Whereupon he told me "West Nile Disease, crap that is nothing but Yellow Fever" as any doctor that has ever been to the jungles knows. All it takes is a shot to get rid of it, and that after that shot it would not even make one sick. Even if they have the sympoms of the disease the shot will stop it in its tracks."

He then went on talking about it being a simple enough disease to destroy; that it was deadly at one time, a hundred or so years ago, but has not been that for many years now. And the doctors know it but they will not say anything because they know the government will pull their license as a physican in a heart beat for exposing one of their great hoax.

Willie Martin