World Crisis! What is Going on in the World?

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Dear Reader,

Some of you already know of the following facts, but this is for those of you who know not. I will tell you in a very easy to understand overview what is going on in reference to the state of the world.

When the veil of the Sanctuary was rent when Christ died on the Cross, there was to be no more sacrificing because the great antitypical Sacrifice was made in the person of Christ Jesus. The Jews did not accept that Sacrifice--that Atonement. Because God knew that the Jews would not accept Jesus as the Messiah, and would desire to continue the sacrificial system, He promised Hagar that she, through Ishmael, would give birth to a great nation of people. That great nation is the Arabs.

Gen 17:20 And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.

What is the purpose of the blessing via the promise made to Hagar involving her illegitamate son by Abraham, as far as Arab proliferation is concerned? The purpose has been to prohibit the Jews from building another temple and begin sacrificing again, which would be one of the worst acts of sacrilege possible. The fact that the Jews are trying to rebuild the temple and begin sacrificing again is great evidence of the seriousness of the times and the imminent end of time.

As some of you know, the Arabs control the Dome of the Rock which is built on the very and only spot designated by God, that Israel was instructed to offer sacrifices on. The site is equally sacred to both Jews and Arabs! The Jews would have to overthrow the Arabs in order to take over that Holy Spot and begin sacrificing again. That is PRIMARILY what the entire "shooting-match" is about. Sure, there are side issues such as oil (spoil) wealth etc., but the driving issue behind USA war involvement with the Arabs is to disarm them in order to enable Jewish recovery of the Temple Mount so they can begin sacrifices again. This is their great purpose, and they have said that they will go down and take the world with them, if necessary, in attempting to achieve this objective. Armageddon will be the result of that attempt.

I have posted two Jewish websites on my website, which depict Jewish plans for rebuilding the temple and commencing sacrifices again. Materials have been and are now being assembled and made ready for the occasion. The Jews are so intent on realizing this goal, that they will lead the world into Armageddon in their attempt to do so. This is the real motive behind all the intrigue of Daniel 8 and 11. This scenario will become all too apparent as further events unfold.

Also, George W. Bush has invested in great oil and gas holdings, as have numerous of his cronies. They have everything to gain from a war that results in huge price hikes in those commodities. That is the "spoil" motive. Armageddon will spawn from these two driving forces--rebuilding the Jewish temple and the taking of Arab spoil, oil. When Iran enters the fray it will be a most serious stage nearing Armageddon.

Ron Beaulieu