About One Year or Less to the Agitations and Fomentations That Will Result in World War III and Armageddon

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Written December 5, 2011-12-05


I should qualify that my prediction (not prophesy) that the beginning of WW III will begin with an attack on Iran by America, will indeed be only a major way mark beginning of the agitations and fomentations that will lead to all-out world war and Armageddon. My home group will recognize that this is what I have taught since 1986.


I would like to make clear that I have had no vision on this issue, and that my prediction is my own, based on world events.


Most individuals will be aware of the threatenings already made by Russia and China should the U.S. and/or Israel attack Iran. Ultimately, those will not be idle threats.


Many respected commentators have laid out very possible scenarios that will eventuate from any attack on Iran, to include BBC News, the Eurasia Review, and the Pacific Free Press.








Though a U.S. attack on Iran will be devastating in many ways, every Adventist is aware that certain important events must occur before Armageddon takes place, such as the National and Universal Sunday Law and the final Loud Cry. That being said, it may well be that we will suffer a prolonged advancement of negative consequences due to a Western and/or Israeli strike on Iran. Sooner or later America will be involved! At some point later the entire world will be involved!


Again, for decades I have viewed an attack on Iran as a major waymark toward WW III, but I should have made these qualifications more apparent. In essence, I believe that event will be a major first act of the war, with more serious aspects to follow in relatively rapid advancement. Wars usually have fomenting beginnings and I have said since 1986, that the West’s triumph over Iraq (Media) and Iran (Persia) will constitute major beginnings of WW III and finally Armageddon.


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