Iraq, Iran, America and the Little Horn of Daniel 8

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Dear Friends,

The World Bank is owned by two families, the Rothschilds of England and the Warburgs of Germany. Each of those families has five sons and each of those sons has controlled a branch of the World Bank at one time or other, along with the World Monetary Fund. These financial interests loan money to every world government at interest. The interest owed constitutes the National debt of each recipient country in the world. Much of the interest earned from loaning money to the various governments of the world is used to "artificially" finance the state of Israel. Inflation is very high there. Years ago a refrigerator cost fifteen thousand dollars. Young Jews were given $40,000 to go there and inhabit the state of Israel. Yet, orthodox Jews do not regard the emergence of the state of Israel, under the circumstances that such has taken place, as being of God, and they are correct. Neither would orthodox Jews approve of the immoralities of Hollywood, which is controlled primarily by others of their own ethnicity.

However, the leaders of Israel have said that they will take the world down if Israel goes down. They can do it, and they will. It is called Armageddon. But this is all in God's plan. God promised Hagar, the mother of Abraham's illegitimate son, Ishmael, to make of him a great nation. God did that for the following reason:

To stop the ceremonial sacrificing of animals as an atonement for sin after the vail of the Temple was rent after the antitypical Lamb (Christ) was offered up. God achieved this (stopped the Jews from further sacrificing) by creating a powerful nation, the Arabs, who conquered the only geographical site on which sacrifices by the Jews were counted as valid--The Temple Mount, on which is an Islamic Mosque, which is as sacred to the Arabs as was the Sanctuary (Tabernacle) to the Jews.

Both peoples (the Jews and Arabs) are so stubborn, that they would take the world down rather than cede what they regard as their sacred religious entitlement. The world stands in amazement as Arabs become martyrs for their cause, but in the end, it will be proved that the Jews are just as determined, because they will have a counter part in leading the world to Armageddon. Zionist Jews desire nothing more than to recapture the sacred Temple site and begin sacrificing again. All the plans and even all the materials are in place for doing this. [For proof--click here--WAIT FOR LOADING--and then click on the words: ENTER THE WORLD OF THE HOLY TEMPLE]. Zionist Jews would rather the world perish than their plans be denied. In this regard, Zionist Jews are just as ready to be martyred as the Arabs are, because ultimately they will not compromise their plans to recapture the Temple Mount which is held just as sacred to the Arabs, and they will risk the world to do it. But of course, God is in control. The Jews and the Arabs have been arch enemies since the birth of Ishmael.

The United States of America has borrowed huge sums of money to fight the war in Iraq, in the primary interests of Israel, and thus has a huge National debt. President Bush has claimed to lower taxes, but when will the ignorant masses realize that they are being highly taxed by the continuum raise in gasoline, oil, and heating gas and oil? The government gets most of the revenue from these natural resources. This is the only way the U.S. government can wage the Iraqi war. But this can succeed only so far.

According to Scripture, both Iraq and Iran will be involved in a war with the He-goat--America, (Daniel 8) the current day western power with a notable horn denoting power. The He-goat will finally win over Iraq and Iran, Media and Persia respectively. However, the triumphal win will bankrupt America into a debt that will be insolvent except she devalue her currency. This devaluation of the currency will be far more devastating than any tax hike as far as destroying assets and life savings of Americans. America will be humbled in the dust--her notable horn broken. Yes, her great horn (Daniel 8:8) is broken and for it comes up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven. And out of one of them comes forth a little horn, which waxes exceeding great. After Iran enters the fray, it will not be long before the little horn power comes to fruition and not long thereafter before Armageddon arrives.

Whether or not we agree with the entire following article, it will be beneficial for all to read. The author is against separation of church and state, so is probably Catholic, and there are other aberrations from truth which we will elaborate on later. However, much of the treatment of final events, soon to ensue, is very good and should be understood by every person who wants to be intelligent concerning last day events that have already begun to occur and will soon transpire in a most rapid succession.

What the author fails to include is how the New World Order which is designed and supported by certain factions of Jews and their initiates, fits as a world player in the final events issue. This factor could well be the true beast power on which the Scarlet Whore of Revelation rides. The Beast hates the whore and all she represents. And, of course, we as Adventists believe that Rome will enforce the Mark of the Beast--Sunday worship. America is more indicative of the Lamblike beast with two horns, than that which is portrayed by the author of this book.

God bless,

Ron Beaulieu

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Infamous quote by Paul Warburg: James Paul Warburg: " We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."

It seems as though those who want a one world government most are those who control the world banking system.