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Dear Reader,


If you believe the findings of one John Scotram, within the following links, you will be soon faced with the scenario I present below from his conclusions.

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Scenario of John Scotram’s findings:

·       July 10, 2009—December 21, 2012=1260 days.

·       295 days after the solicitude of world dominion of the pope on July 10, 2009, at the nations the national Sunday law in USA would be announced.

·       Seventy-five days later there will be a Universal Sunday Law.

·       At the time of any Universal Sunday law there will be severe penalties of no buy and sell and imprisonment for violations of Sunday.

·       May 1, 2010, the National Sunday law is legislated. The Pope will rule for 1260 days until Dec. 21, 2012.

·       When the Pope begins his 1260 day reign, that will be the seating of the abomination of desolation, at which time Matthew 24:15 is in effect.

·       This would mean that all SDA’s should sell their property immediately if not sooner, and prepare to flee to the mountains and/or desolate, solitary places on May 1st 2010.

·       Mr. Scotram must not be too concerned and he is not selling all, which is evinced by the following statement at the end of his Orion clock message:

 “These studies were made by a man who lives since 5 years at the country side like Ellen White has counselled. He invests all his force and time into the work of God. He is building a sanatorium which uses only natural healing methods and a missionary school in South America with his own modest financial resources. His wife and he are doing health work for the population of one of the poorest countries of South America without any financial interest.”

If you believe John Scotram, this (above) is what you should act on in the less than two months you have until May 1, 2010. If you desire to learn what God showed me as to what to do and when to do it at the end-time, read this:



Now, here is John’s article:

... and the Year of Saul





Written by John Scotram   

Thursday, 28 January 2010 13:02

On 29 June 2008, the Vatican announced the beginning of the year of St. Paul. Convening of special theme years is nothing new, but very rarely, a special Signet is published. This time it was even a logo with a lot of symbols, and ought to make us suspicious and alert. As Walter Veith and I have reiterated, the Papacy is internally and hidden from the world the continuation of the Babylonian religion, which had just originated in Babylon.

The Metropolitans, the high dignitaries of the Roman Church, including its leader, the Pope, are - as the name already suggests - those assembled in cities who want to build a tower that God will never be able to destroy again, as in the days after the flood. The tower relates to the Tower of Babel and the modern symbol for this is the high tower that graces every Catholic church. As everyone knows, God prevented this plan by confusion of tongues.

When the first shock of the enemies of God and followers of Satan, the Metropolitans, about the confusion of the tongues settled and some years had passed by, people began to communicate with each other again, just as we do today: They learned foreign languages. So it was again possible for Satan to make new plans. The Metropolitans did not want to give God another chance to destroy their work in the same manner as He had done before with the flood Just as they started to built the tower, that God would not be able to destroy it with a flood again, they devised now a plan that God should not be able to confound their languages again. There had to be invented a "language" that would not be based on spoken language anymore. A language that should be easy to communicate with, but without the possibility to be confused.

It had to be a language that would allow the Metropolitans to exchange messages to complete their work, the construction of the Babel tower, the symbol of world domination. This language was invented for more than 5,000 years ago: The symbolic language of the masons of the Babel tower. Their work was symbolized by bricklayers and we know that they call themselves today freemasons" and indeed do have such a language. A language based entirely on symbols. Moreover, this language is serving to confuse the enemy, because all symbols have two meanings: one which only the Initiated, the Freemasons or Metropolitans can understand, and one - a "wrong" a "confused" meaning, that the "uninitiated" believe to understand although it is misleading.

With this basic knowledge, we now want to look at the signet of the Year of St. Paul and try to decipher the true message that is contained there:


Let us first consider what the Vatican wants us to believe as the uninitiated. On the official website for the Pauline year, the German Bishops' Conference we read as follows:

The sword depicted in the middle of the logo is an ancient symbol for the Apostle Paul - it is the instrument with which he has suffered his martyrdom around the year 60 AD. He was beheaded on the orders of Emperor Nero in Rome. Paul was bound during his imprisonment in Rome with a chain - this is now preserved in the sacristy of the Basilica of S. Paolo Fuori le Mura. Once a year, on the evening of 28 June, the relic is carried in a solemn procession through the streets. The Book symbolically depicted in the signet symbolizes both the Gospel preached by Paul and the letters written by him. On the open book pages we recognize the "heavenly fire" that drove him, and the cross of Jesus Christ, whose servant he had become.

But in the introductory text of this explanation is written - and this is unexpectedly true -: "For the Pauline Year an official Signet has been created, whose many layers of meaning can be explained as follows ...

So there are several different meanings! Now this "hint" even a lower degree Mason would have understood.

Let us now analyze the symbolic language step by step:

1. The Letter

The Book symbolically depicted in the signet symbolizes both the Gospel preached by Paul and the letters written by him. On the open book pages we recognize the "heavenly fire" that drove him, and the cross of Jesus Christ, whose servant he had become.

According to the official Vatican statement the open book symbolizes the letters of the Apostle Paul, which are found in the Bible. The only thing what is true as of this statement is that we are actually dealing with a letter. But we will see later who wrote it and to whom it is directed. At the beginning of a letter we write usually to whom the letter is addressed. Thus, we usually start our letters with "Dear Brother or Dear Aunt". The same with this "letter". In the upper left corner of the "letter" we find ...

2. The Addressee

There we see a Maltese cross. The Maltese cross shows up even in the pallia and many other "gowns" of the Catholic bishops, cardinals and popes. Since Benedict XVI. the color of the Maltese cross turned again to red. It had been black since 1798 when the papacy received the "deadly" wound and lost its political power. Red is the symbol of power in the esoteric. Black for mourning and loss of power. The red Maltese cross, the Pope is wearing again and showed up first in the Papal coat of arms of Benedict XVI., is showing that the Pope now intends to let heal the mortal wound from 1798 and take back the world leadership. We shall see below, how close we are to it. But what does this strange Maltese Cross really symbolize?

I have built a small cardboard model for you, so you can see what the Maltese crosses actual meaning is. Here my little cardboard model of a Maltese Cross:


As you can see, I cut four triangles out of yellow cardboard and glued it together in the

middle with Scotch tape. Why? That you can see on the next picture. There I have just raised the cross in the middle and pulled it up:


And now, a photo of the resulting model from it's side:  


As you can see easily now, from my little cardboard model of a Maltese cross emerged a pyramid. Let us therefore determine:

The Maltese Cross is the two-dimensional representation of a Pyramid.

The pyramid is one of the most frequently used symbols of Freemasonry, because it symbolizes the Tower of Babel, which could not be finalized then. We find the pyramid at the logos of many Masonic companies but also at the following place: On the back of the dollar note with thirteen steps, and the all-seeing eye on top. Many websites now reveal the highly Freemason content of the symbols of the dollar note. The pyramid is THE ABSOLUTE SYMBOL of Freemasonry itself.

Thus, to whom is the message of the Signet of the Year of Paul directed?


3. The Sender

At the lower right-hand edge of the letter is imprinted a flame as symbol of the sender. Since it is a message to the disciples of Satan, this is unlikely to be the symbol of the Holy Spirit which is by the way usually a dove. It is the "Black Flame of Satan" which plays a predominant role in Satanism.

Whence comes this flame as a symbol of Satan? Another name for Satan in the Bible is Lucifer, the bringer of light, or the "torch-bearer". One of the most important Masonic representations of Satan as a torch-bearer is the famous  Statue of Liberty in New York, a gift of the French Freemasons to the United States. The inauguration of the Statue of Liberty was celebrated with a Masonic ceremony, as you can read on Wikipedia


The fire in the torch is Satan's black flame. Many books are already published that reveal this.

So who identifies himself as the sender of the message of the logo of the

Pauline Year, and thus shows how important this message is?


4. The Sword, which is no Sword

Now that we know, who is addressed by this message, and by whom it was written, we want to decipher the contents of the message itself.

Rome says:

The sword depicted in the middle of the logo is an ancient symbol for the Apostle Paul - it is the instrument with which he has suffered his martyrdom around the year 60 AD. He was beheaded on the orders of Emperor Nero in Rome.

To see what symbolizes the sword, we must look carefully, because we do not have trained eyes in recognizing satanic symbols. But before I was baptized Seventh-Day-Adventist I had gone astray and I have even learned al little about astrology, and for me it was not difficult to discover the true symbol after the sword and the outlines of the "bible" of the signet. I have marked the hidden symbol in red at the right picture. Please compare with the original on the left:rambo7.jpg


For the Masonic eye is immediately obvious that this is an important symbol, an astrological symbol. On the left is Neptune in his female form, on right in his male form. The planet Neptune in astrology.


The trident is symbol of the dominion of the god Neptune (Roman) and Poseidon (Greek) and as you see it has entered even into our children's rooms:


rambo10.jpg,rambo10.jpg rambo11.jpg

Even Satan represents himself with this symbol. The "god of the sea" (the people), Poseidon, Neptune ... is none other than Satan.




The "god of the sea" also has two other names. The first of these is Aquarius. Who does not know the word of the most famous Hippy song of the 60s of the last century: "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius", which announced the 1000 years of peace. The Hippy movement was the forerunner of the present New Age movement, that is followed by hundreds of millions of people consciously or unconsciously. Ellen White called this movement, the SPIRITISM.

The symbol of this movement is, therefore, "the god of the sea", Aquarius, which is referred in the Bible as Dagon, and was worshiped by the Philistines. He was the ocean or fish god and his priests wore special headgear, which resembled a fish's mouth:


Please note the typical sprinkling of holy water on the second image on the right.

Where do we find cult of Dagon nowadays?


The headdress of the pope and his leaders is an exact replica of the Dagon priests, the priests of the religion of the sea or fish god. (Even the Maltese cross of the Metropolitans, we find pictured on the pallium of the pope, there still in black.)

Therefore we are dealing here with the proclamation of the sovereignty of Aquarius, the long-awaited millennium of "peace". The entire New Age movement expects the beginning of this millennium around the year 2012. They have just one problem ... there are so many great astrological events from 2008 to 2012, and around it, that even the most inveterate astrologer is not clear which of these events is really the beginning of the millennium of peace. Some therefore argue yet long ago that Satan himself will personally announce the beginning of his reign. And who is his mouthpiece on earth: The papacy.

5. The Age of Aquarius

When I saw first this Pauline Year signet in June 2008, I knew because of the dates that are engraved there, that on 29 June 2009 something special would happen that has to do with the Age of Aquarius and the Millennium, even mentioned by Ellen G. White in the Great Controversy:

The line of distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable. Church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them, and Satan determines to unite them in one body and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism. Papists, who boast of miracles as a certain sign of the true church, will be readily deceived by this wonder-working power; and Protestants, having cast away the shield of truth, will also be deluded. Papists, Protestants, and worldlings will alike accept the form of godliness without the power, and they will see in this union a grand movement for the conversion of the world and the ushering in of the long-expected millennium. Through spiritualism, Satan appears as a benefactor of the race, healing the diseases of the people, and professing to present a new and more exalted system of religious faith; but at the same time he works as a destroyer. His temptations are leading multitudes to ruin. {GC 588.3}

At page 321 we read:

Taking the manner in which the prophecies had been fulfilled in the past as a criterion by which to judge of the fulfillment of those which were still future, he became satisfied that the popular view of the spiritual reign of Christ--a temporal millennium before the end of the world--was not sustained by the word of God. This doctrine, pointing to a thousand years of righteousness and peace before the personal coming of the Lord, put far off the terrors of the day of God. {GC 321.1}

The whole world is being prepared for several years to expect a special event in 2012. Most recently even a Hollywood movie titled "2012" was announced. There are shown terrible destructions, but what they are really planning, is, to proclaim a kingdom of "peace", despite the increasing natural disasters of our time.

6. A Year of Preparation

If the Vatican proclaims a special theme year, the date is set that for the preparation of the main celebrations will remain one years time. I was therefore sure, that on 29th June 2009, which is marked as the ending date of the Year of Paul on the signet, would take place an event to which Satan wants his disciples to draw particular attention. So we must examine exactly what on 29th June 2009 really happened. Since June 2008 I had already explained the signet in sermons and made many aware that the Vatican plans something terrible.

7. 666 in the Signet

A sure sign that it is a satanic message is always the "popular" appearance of 666 in such messages. We have already recognized the black flame of Satan, but for completeness, I would like to show this too before we go on and see more details ... In Satanism they like to play with numbers. This is an esoteric technique similar to astrology, called numerology. Of course this is abomination to God!It is widely used in Satanism, to read Bible verses reversely, or to turn upside-down figures. One example is that in Satanism, the number NINE and SIX are interchangeable. Because 9 is an inverse 6. Thus, we find 666 easily in the dates. The 29 on top has got a 9, inversed 9 = 6, the first six. The second is the six in Roman numerals (VI) next to it: the sixth month or June. The third six is the final digit at the end of the year 2009, which is again an inversed 9.

8. How long does Satan want to rule?

Again, this is hidden in the logo. Again numerology. The chain, which has another level of meaning, as it says the Episcopal Conference themselves so nicely, is the chain to bind Satan for 1000 years. But it is not closed. This indicates that Satan does not want to be bound. He wants to break his chain. He wants to win the Great Controversy.

If we count the links in the chain, then we get 17 links. Since in numerology this number has no meaning, we have to calculate the sum of the digits until we get a numerological number. Let us do this: 1 + 7 = 8. The number eight, however, has a very important meaning in numerology, especially in its "fallen" form, the "lazy eight". Dr. Cathy Burns explains the meaning of the lazy eight in her book about the Masonic symbolism:

The "lazy eight" is the symbol of infinity, also used in mathematics. Cathy Burns says: "For occultists it represents the eternal victory of Lucifer," as you can read above. It means also, reincarnation, karma, therefore emphasizes the immortality of the soul, the first lie of Satan, who now wants to reign forever.

The Hippy movement already knew all these meanings by late 1960, as shown at the bottom left and the symbols on the jacket.

We know already the "all-seeing eye". We find it on the dollar bill above the pyramid, which consists of 13 steps until supremacy of Satan. Satan's goal is not just a 1000-year dominion, which was even not the goal of Hitler, but it is just a symbol for eternity. He wants to rule FOREVER. He wants to win the battle against his enemy, Jesus. Everything is about one question: Will Jesus find faith when He returns?

9. A “non fulfilled" End Time Theory

Many Adventists of the SDA and SDA Reformation Movement church have told me long time ago that there is a theory that uses the time Noah preached the flood as a model for the end-time events to be calculated. At least to calculate, when will start persecution and danger for us as Sabbath keepers. This "theory" is based on the Bible verse in which Jesus Himself points out that before His coming, "it will be like the days of Noah."

The theory goes as follows. In 1888 there was a General Conference in Minneapolis, where the pastors Waggoner and AT Jones had a special message for the Advent people. The message included the issue of justification by faith, but stressed that only those would reach the goal which would obey Jesus in all things. Today, this second part of the message is almost forgotten. Now, this is such an important message that the conference attendees started to fight about this issues. Internally, the SDA church was divided into two camps. One with Ellen White, who confirmed the message of the two pastors, consisted of those who wanted to be faithful to God in all circumstances. And the others who had a liberal view and did not want to take everything "too serious". Ellen White said that she had never been treated so bad as at this General Conference. It must have been really terrible.

But this message is a very important message. And that's why many believe that it represents the actual Three-Angels-Message in its purified form, as it calls for "faith and obedience". That is why they say that this was the real beginning of the message of the Third Angel. Well, if you look at how long Noah preached the gospel by every stroke of his hammer building the Ark, then we see that it has been exactly for 120 years and then the door of the Ark was closed forever (the door of mercy). Therefore, they calculated and said that we could expect for the year 2008 a special, that would make it impossible for us preach freely the gospel and that the door of mercy would probably close soon after 2008.

1888 + 120 = 2008

Now, many were disappointed because they do not know the signet of the Pauline Year, and have overlooked the fact that indeed an important event had occurred. Satan proclaimed on 29th June 2008 that he would start his dominion one year later and that his followers have to watch for an event taking place at that date. We shall soon see, what had taken place and at what day exactly Satan's dominion started.

10. What happened on 29th June 2009?

Many did not realize that the new encyclical, "Love in Truth" of Benedict XVI. officially bears this date. The press headlines confirmed: "The Pope calls for world dominion!" He argues for a New World Order through a controlling political world government, but just it only would not be able to solve the world's problems. There would be required a "world moral leader" on top of the world government. Who should be this leader, if not the pope himself?

The Pope's latest encyclical was published officially on 29th June 2009. He announced already one year before in the signet of the Year of Paul, that the dominion of Aquarius respectively Neptune would be solicited at 29th June 2009. But the encyclical was even sent some days earlier to all members of the G8 summit which started on 1st July 2009 that the "world rulers" could study it before and discuss it at the summit. The venue was moved from Sardinia completely unexpectedly to L'Aquila a little town in the mountains 40 km from the Vatican that had been shaken by terrible earthquakes. The name L'Aquile is Italian and means "the eagle". Compare the fourth seal in Revelation! There nearby the Vatican, the rulers of the world lived in sackcloth and ashes in tents instead in 5-star hotels like ever before. Supposedly to show their solidarity with the earthquake victims. In truth, it was a humiliation at the Vatican. They pleaded that the Vatican should solve the world financial crisis, created by the Vatican itself and it's Mason lodge, the Bilderbergers. The nations bowed down before the pope to get solutions of their problems.

The very last historic G8 summit ended on 10 July 2009. Some days before the G8 summit started, Angela Merkel of Germany had already proclaimed, that it would be the last and announced the G20 as the new world government. All the "rulers" departed on this 10th of July, except Obama, the black "crowned" king of the Papal coat of arms, the highest Illuminati, who now heads the second beast of Revelation 13, the United States. He was brought directly to his FIRST private audience with the Pope, a top-secret meeting! Obama went to the Vatican and announced to the Pope the decision of the nations regarding his solicitude for world dominion!

We know from the Bible, what the result was...

The nations promised to the Pope on 10 July 2009, that he could soon take over the world scepter.

11. What forced the Nations?

The main topics of the summit had been officially:

1. The world financial crisis (like foretold by Ellen White)
2. The global warming and resulting disasters for the future (like foretold by Ellen White)

As a result, the G20 summit were raised as controlling power to control the world. You can read this anywhere. This is the beast of Revelation 17. And the Pope makes himself ready to ride this beast.

12. An alarming Discovery

From 10th July 2009 to the infamous 21st December 2012 where all the esoteric world is awaiting a huge spiritual event it is EXACTLY 1260 days. This can be verified with any Internet time calculation program. Now there exists a theory among some Adventist lay people who studied profoundly the time lines in harmony with other 36 prophecies of the Bible and Ellen White, that all the trouble starts 1260 days before the door of mercy shuts. Not the reign of the pope immediately but a phase of preparation for the reign. And the first act of the drama would be that the pope "solicits world dominion at the nations and the nations agree to his demands" in accordance with their studies.

Their studies show, that the next milestones in the end time events would be:

A) 295 days after the solicitude of world dominion of the pope at the nations the national Sunday law in USA would be announced.
B) Another 75 days later the pope would really begin to reign for a lapse of other 1260 days that reach into the time of the plagues until the destruction of the beast and the whore.

They compare their studies to a "city map" of the end time events because it gives us exact ideas in which time lapses everything would happen. But until the 10th of July 2009 nobody could know when the "city map" would start. This problem we have with all time line studies. But what many and even the promoters of such studies themselves sometimes do not understand is, that once we will have reached "the city" and when we are in the city then we should use the city map! And if the city map would be exact we would know exactly all dates of the milestones in the map and could calculate it.

OK, let's for a moment assume that we have already reached the "city" because we found the 10th July 2009. Then the close of probation would be at 21st December 2012. At least it is am alarming coincidence that this exactly in a distance of 1260 days!

Following the other milestones then we would have a lapse of 295 days after the 10th July 2009 until the national Sunday law and that would reach to the 1st of May 2010. We are not setting dates here, dear critics of time setting! We are just verifying a theory and this should be allowed!

Note by Ron:

·       July 10, 2009—December 21, 2012=1260 days.

·       295 days after the solicitude of world dominion of the pope at the nations the national Sunday law in USA would be announced.

·       May 1, 2010, the National Sunday law is legislated. The Pope will rule for 1260 days until Dec. 21, 2012.

·       That will be the seating of the abomination of desolation, at which time Matthew 24:15 is in effect.

·       This would mean that all SDA’s should sell their property immediately if not sooner! And prepare to flee to the mountains on May 1st 2010.

Now the first question should be: Is the 1st of May 2010 a special date?

Yes. On (Ending America), we can read that the Illuminati, which were founded (by Jesuits) the same year as the US in Ingolstadt in Germany, developed a 13-phased plan to destroy the United States. "Destruction" here does not mean destruction in the strict sense, but they want to use the U.S. to gain world control for their leader, Satan. The United States should transform itself from a lamb like beast (democratic government) into a dragon beast (dictatorship), which soon afterwards would dominate the whole world.

This 13-stage plan refers to Revelation 13, verse 18, where the number of Satan 666 is proclaimed. The numerological checksum of 666 is 18! The plan provided for a certain period of time of preparation, until Satan would begin to reign with the help of the second beast of Revelation 13, the United States.

The calculation of the Illuminati:

1776 (founding year of the United States and the Illuminati) + 13 steps of 18 years (234 years) = 2010

Now, all this corresponds in incredible manner with what Ellen White and the Bible tell us. Ellen White says, that after the national apostasy (Sunday law) will come the national ruin (dictatorship). So if the plan of the Illuminati was and is, to use the United States in the year 2010 to attain Satan's reign (dictatorship on the planet), then before must come the national Sunday law and this would mean also in 2010.

The 1st of May is not just…

1. Labor Day (Ellen White said, that the syndicates would play a role in the proclamation of the Sunday law)
2. The Day of Witchcraft (Night of 30th April to 1st May), ´the day of the celebration of the fertility (pure Satanism)
3. The day of the 300 year celebration of the apparition of the Virgin of Guadeloupe (highest catholic feast)

but also…

The 234. (13 * 18) Jubilee Day of the Foundation of the Illuminati themselves. They have been founded EXACTLY at 1st of May, 1776

This 1st of May 2010, which we found just decoding the Signet of the Pauline Year and studying the Bible and Ellen White, is of great importance for the Metropolitans and Illuminati. Wouldn't it be probable, that they pleaded a special jubilee gift from the nations: The national Sunday law in USA?

13. The Year of Saul

Dear brothers and sisters, I have shown you what is going on behind the doors of the Vatican and even behind the doors of your own national governments, and my voice is not alone. Many ministers are starting now to see in the last encyclical of the pope that time is ending, though not as clear as I, who had learnt in my "former life" to read such a symbol language (unfortunately).

But there is yet another "symbol" hidden in the logo. The name of the theme year itself: The "Year of Paul". It is not about the Apostle Paul, as we understand him, the Apostle of the Gentiles. But I have already explained to you that in Satanism or Dagonism they like to read everything reversely. So what does result, if you read the "Apostle Paul" reversely? Then we would not talk about the Apostle Paul after his conversion, but about his counterpart, Saul before his conversion. And who was Saul? The most violent persecutor of Christians of his time! He even ordered to stone Stephen, and thus ended the 490 years of probation for the former people of God, the Jews.

If this theory is right then under the new Saul we would suffer persecution that never was and that never will be again. Because of this persecutions, Jesus will even close the door of probation for everybody forever.

But for us as Adventists, as Ellen White teaches us, the door of probation closes even earlier with the proclamation of the worldwide Sunday law. If the "city map" has already started, this would be 75 days after the proclamation of the national Sunday law: The 15th of July 2010. If you really see this things happen, then look upwards because our Savior is coming. But if this theory is right or wrong, 2012 is marked in the Clock of God and we can expect a great event then. Whatever it is, my counsel for you, dear brother and sister, is: Get prepared NOW!

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Note by Ron: So 75 days after May 1, 2010, a Universal Sunday law will be enacted. This is 75 days after the proclamation of the National Sunday Law. This is preposterous! This gives God’s people no time to sell their property which can take up to six months or so, and put their money in the work.