Should You Sell all Assets to

Buy Silver?



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Dear Reader,


The New World Order wants to reduce the entire populace to peasants and give only credits (no money issued) for labor rendered. This way, no one would ever be able to rise to wealth and arms, and thus constitute a threat to the world ruling elite.  Think about it: If you were the elite bankers who have this objective in mind, how would you go about robbing the entire population of its wealth? The best way I can think of is exactly what is transpiring right before our eyes. The banks are pushing the sale of gold and silver as never before! TV advertisements are aired all through the day urging the public to invest in gold and silver. Though this might seem to be the norm to some younger folk, I have never seen anything like this in my life.


Little known to some, the U.S. government has reserved the right to confiscate all forms of gold and silver. In the past when such confiscation has occurred, there was an immediate devaluation of the paper currency given in exchange for gold and silver.

Note this:


Treasury claims power to seize gold and silver -- and everything else


In light of the above information, one has high cause to be suspect of the following dramatization urging us to sell all and buy silver. This video has all the trappings of being produced by a high placed Free Mason. This is an example of how they operate using deception—pretending to be on your side and your benefactor:


Silver Is The Achilles Heel!


Did Ellen White tell us to sell all and buy silver? Ellen White said to have a place in the country. The speaking in the above video instructs to sell all and invest it in silver. Who should we believe? Having said this, I am aware that the government can confiscate anything—including property! But I’ll place my trust in Ellen White’s counsel as being the best option.


I pray you can see that the best way; maybe the only way for the elite to rob all the wealth of the world’s populace and return the world to feudalism, is to persuade the wealthy to purchase gold and silver which will be reduced to near nothing when the government once again outlaws and confiscates these commodities. There is nothing altruistic about the corrupt world banking and financial system, and you should be totally wary of the incessant, high pressure campaign to enlist the public at large to buy gold and silver!


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Most of us don’t have to worry about this type of thing because we are poor and don’t have the money to invest in gold and silver if we wanted to! The Bible says Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor, so all we have to be concerned about is being obedient and faithful to our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ.