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DISCLAIMER: We do not necessarily endorse all the views of any links we include on this Website and/or all the views advanced by the following Weblinks, especailly the response or lack of proper response to the church's apostasy by the owners of some of said Websites. But there is good to be derived from them. We present different views on many issues but make it plain what we agree with. We pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the serious seeker into a knowledge of all truth. Garner the good.


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*The Two Lines of Bible Translations
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*Review and Herald Articles by E.G. White
*The Moral Law Was In Force Long Before Mt. Sinai
*Ellen White and the Apocrypha
*Moses' Law vs. God's Ten-Commandment Law
*Abbreviation Key to Ellen G. White's Books and Pamphlets
*Listing of All Ellen G. White Books and the Date of Their Publication
*Defense of Ellen White's Unusual Statements
*Answers to Questions on Doctrine (the book) Online
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*The Great Controversy On-Line
*E. G. White Library of Online Books
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*M.L. Andreasen's Letters to the Churches
Answers to Questions on Doctrine (The Book) Online
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Med Terms.Com
*Medical Dictionary (Merriam Webster)
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*Clinical Trials
*The Writings of Flavius Josephus
*Foxe's Book of Martyrs Online
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*The Reformation Theology Guide
*The Waldensians
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*Infoplease Atlas
*Google Maps
*Virtual Tourist
*Link to Latest Biohazard News
*Current Weather Anywhere in the World
*The Old Farmer's Almanac
*Earthquake Activity Around the World
*Internet Shorthand Lingo Dictionary
*Israel the third temple and the coming Jewish holocaust
*Preparations for a Third Jewish Temple
*Will the Jewish Third Temple Soon Be Rebuilt?
*What is the Origin of the Jews?
*Mall of SDA Classified Ads
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*Recommended WebSites for Christian Research Sources
*The World Council of Churches and The Seventh-day Adventist Church
*The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem
*What to do if Nuclear War Breaks Out
*The Feasibility of Coming Attacks on America
*On-Line Copy of the Original 1858 Great Controversy
*E.G. White and the Pioneer's Books for Sale
*Christianity Today
*The Pioneer Adventist Writings
*Top Study Resource Downloads
*Talmudic Evidence for the Messiah
*Restoration Ministries
*Bible Readings for the Home--The Book Online
*Pope John Paul II on Ecumenism
*Dining in the Wilds
*Edible Wild Plants
*Death Rides a Slow Bus in Hunza
*Proclaiming Jesus in a Distinctly Jewish Way
*666 Man
*Adventist Carnivals
*Daniel Winters' versus Vance Ferrell
*Neil Livingston Replies to Daniel Winters
*Shepherd's Rod--Their Errors Exposed
*Danny Winters versus William Grotheer
*Danny Winters and William Grotheer #2
*William Grotheer--The Problems With His Theology
*Vance Ferrell's Credibility? How True is His Harvesttime's 1884 Great Controversy?
*Slavery Revived--Slavery Exists in various forms in the World Today!
*Sex Slavery Trafficking of Women and Children
*The Right Arm - The Principles Of Health Reform
*The serious errors of the Shepherd' s Rod

The Following Links Provide Defense Against Ellen White Critics

White Estate
THE PLAGIARISM CHARGE by Lawyer Vincent Ramik
A Critique of the Jeremiah Video on Ellen White (Points 1-20)
Critique of the Jeremiah Video on Ellen White (Poinsts 21-80)
Critique of the Jeremiah Video (Points 131-180)
A Response to the Video: Seventh-day Adventism, the Spirit Behind the Church by Jeremiah Films (All parts)
The Truth About Ellen White
Cunning Fables
Ellen White on the Amalgamation Issue
Adventist Biblical Truths

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