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The financial crisis is being manufactured all over the world in order to consolidate the wealth of the world into the hands of the New World Order via the Rothschilds of England and the Warburgs of Germany by forcing out privately owned banking interests not ruled by those two families who as much as own and control the World Bank and the World Monetary Fund. Watch the video on the Rothschilds at the following link and you will be enlightened:


*Go to the following link and scroll down in the left hand column to the Video on the Rothschild family. You’ve never seen anything like this!


*Senate Passes Bailout


*Reliable word that Bank of America branch managers just received a message via the U.S. Federal Reserve Wire system from the US Federal Reserve instructing them to "perhaps be ready for a one-week universal shut-down of the banking system", including access to checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and ATM's. See more at link below:

*Dow takes a dive as bailout bill fails in Congress (Posted Oct. 1, 08)

*The Democrats covered up Fannie, Freddie scams?


Voices - FINAL WARNING: The Birth Pangs of the New World Order Environmental, Political, and Social Justice Issues. - 67k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


David Rivera: Final Warning - A History of the New World ...

David Rivera: Final Warning - A History of the New World ...


*Facts are Facts by Benjamin H. Freedman
*American currency is set to be devalued by 50 percent before the end of the year
*US Homeowners Soon To Be Evicted By Chinese Police Under New Law
*Chinese Police Units Begin Entering US To Protect Assets
*Europe fights financial storm as bank deal collapses
*Soviet-style collapse in America's future? [Or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Made Simple]
Financial Coup Completed: American Economy Now A Tightly Controlled, Severely Regulated Economy

*Click on this link for more in regard to the above Financial Coup item. Additional info has been added to this document at the bottom.

*God's Word on What to do and When to do it at the End-time
*Urgent Warning of Imminent Judgments on Cities of the World

*Extreme Importance--The Drive for a National Sunday Law— Spring 1998—2008
*Another Sunday Law Warning--April 28, 2008
Financial News Page
*What Does a National Day of Reverence Have to do With You? How is it *Related to the Disasters That are Increasing in Our World Today?

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*Ticking time bomb! $600 trillion in derivatives at risk